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Sludge on Twitter


Sludge on TwitterOne ROWE supporter is running a personal experiment that we've been watching very closely.

He's using Twitter to keep track of all of the Sludge he is hearing at his workplace. He's also asking some very good questions about how Sludge works, what constitutes Sludge and what it does to people at work. He has 56 followers right now. If you want to join in on the fun, go here.

In the meantime, here are some of our favorites:

"Is Sludge (derogatory judgements of coworkers/employees) still Sludge if the Sludgee has performance issues? I say no."

"7-5 worker praised as 'model employee' - doesn't do a third the work of coworker who works 8-3:30 & labeled "slacker". WTF? Warped thinking."

"Sludge Report (midday): Of the half-dozen people I can monitor (and still work), all have uttered at least one Bit o' Sludge today. TBC"

"Sludge-TASTIC!! Low performer has balls to fling Sludge at one of highest producing workers. It'd be like me teaching physics to Hawking."

We'd love to see more readers calling out #Sludge on their blog posts, tweets, etc. If you're out there fighting Sludge, please let us know!


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