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Case Study: Gap Inc.

gap inc case study culturerxGap Inc. has called ROWE a “cultural revolution,” allowing employees to have complete autonomy over how they approach their work and focus on being accountable for results. Beginning in 2008, Gap. Inc, began a ROWE Pilot in their Outlet Division which resulted in a stunning rollout to many other divisions under the Gap brand umbrella.

This case study takes a close look at:

  • What led Gap Inc. leadership to choose Results-Only Work Environment and  CultureRx
  • Some of the company's challenges with employee engagement and turnover
  • Why Gap Inc. chose to extend ROWE to all divisions after the Pilot
  • Results of ROWE implementation, including how the company saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in turnover costs and more
  • Personal testimonials from Gap employees and managers

Listen to what Gap Inc. leaders have to say about why they love ROWE.

Learn how this retail giant improved quality, accountability, and productivity through the adoption of Results-Only Work Environment. Fill out the form on the right to download the case study.

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